brass tacks
pl. n.

Essential facts; The most fundamental considerations; The clearing out of confusing details.

At Brass Tacks Coffee Company we simply believe that great coffee should be accessible to everyone.

We started with only one cafe in a small town fresh roasting and serving higher quality coffees than the competition. Our customers quickly took notice of our passion for roasting and preparing the highest quality coffees they can find during their normal daily adventures. 

The fact of the matter is that most successful americans are busy and driven, this doesn't mean that they must settle for uninspired and poorly prepared coffees. That is what lead us to where we are today, which involves actively partnering with other passionate entrepreneurs and dedicated coffee professionals to help make great coffee more accessible to everyone. 

We will roast, train and sell equipment to anyone who we believe will help make this mission possible.

Email us at to see if we can offer any assistance to you or your organization.

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